Meditative Self Inquiry (MP3 & PDF Download)

Meditative Self Inquiry By Richard C. Miller PhD
Meditative Self Inquiry
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Meditative Self Inquiry

"Give yourself to the one who already owns your breath and moments." —Rumi

Meditation invites you to step through the door of your known and awaken to the unexpected: to joy, wonder, astonishment, and your authentic aliveness. Join Richard as he shares the nondual teachings of awakening through discussion, gentle BodySensing movement, and guided meditation to reveal and celebrate the mystery of being, and being in the world.

Hear concepts and practices like body, mind, emotions, nondual, true nature, awareness, and self-inquiry are recognized as distractions that take you away, or serve as direct pointers to reveal “This,” which is simple, beautiful, still and always undisturbed; neither coming nor going, ever-present, yet usually ignored because of its simplicity.
All Levels Welcome

Includes Mp3 (1 hour 51 minutes) and PDF (1. The Relative and the Absolute: The Way of Meditative Self-Inquiry, and 2. The Pointer Sisters of Being)

Recorded June 10, 2014 at Yoga Yoga, Austin, TX

Price: $12.00