Mudra: Gateways to Self-Understanding (pdf download)

By Richard C. Miller PhD

Mudras (Sanskrit: energetic gestures or seals) are precise ways of holding the hands, fingers, tongue and/or body to represent specific acts of offering, saluting or understanding as well as to produce specific energetic effects in the mind and body. They influence the way we experience our body, breath and energy...


Noticing Flows of Sensation - MP3

iRest MP3

An encounter with meditation teacher Richard Miller is an encounter you don’t forget. Richard is one of this generation’s most important teachers of nondual wisdom. He reminds us that in our true nature we are already free, enlightened, and awake, and that in any moment we can savor Divine presence.” —Stephen Cope This Healing meditation is designed as a practices for health, healing, resiliency and well-being that help you live across all dimensions of your life.


Practices for Better Sleep, MP3 Download

iRest® in Sleep-Yoga Nidra and Bedtime Gentle Yoga Jeanne Dillon, Certified iRest teacher This album includes a gentle yoga practice appropriate for all levels of experience and a guided meditation practice called iRest®Yoga-Nidra. Drift off to the soothing voice of Jeanne Dillion as she guides you in these bedtime practices...


Rest in the Joy of Life! (MP3 Download)

MP3 Audio Download

During this intimate gathering recorded during the holiday season of 2011, Richard Miller invites us to take time to Rest in the Joy of Life! Themes explored on this recording include the welcoming of joy, recognizing the essential aspects of our own Being, and cultivating the end of suffering. This...


Resting in Stillness (MP3 Download)

An introduction to iRest Yoga Nidra and its practices with Richard Miller

Resting in Stillness: Integrative Restoration – iRest Yoga Nidra, with Richard Miller PhD introduces you to iRest Yoga Nidra and then leads you in two practices of iRest Yoga Nidra; a 35-minute extended relaxation practice and a 20-minute short form. Richard’s soothing voice guides you through the 10-step process of...


Restoring Wholeness through iRest meditation

Leigh Blashki, Certified iRest teacher and certification supervisor In these recordings you will be invited back to your home-ground of wholeness, an experience of your spacious timelessness and non-separation from all aspects of yourself and all of life. Join Leigh Blashki as he provides you with a progressive approach to...


Samkhya Karika (pdf download)

translation by Richard Miller PhD

The Samkhya Karika forms the root philosophy that is the spiritual heart of Yoga as we know and practice it today. Kapila codified Samkhya as an oral tradition around 750 BCE, and Isvara Krsna gave us the written text during the 2nd century ACE. While few have studied Samkhya, its philosophy has made its way into many of the spiritual traditions from Yoga to Buddhism and beyond. Updated version, 2012 The original text contains 60 verses. In the centuries following Isvara Krsna’s writing, Buddhist and Vedantic scholars added thirteen additional verses.


Simplicity of Meditation 2014 - Session 1: Welcoming

Monthly Meditation Series Download

Welcoming The heart of meditation is learning how to welcome everything, just as it is. In Welcoming we realize that we have within us the capacity to meet each moment with a perfect response. Knowing how to welcome leads to self-trust and deep relaxation. Welcoming also reveals our self as the field of spacious awareness, in which everything arises. Knowing our self as awareness reveals how everything, including our self, is a facet of the wholeness of life. Knowing our self as awareness brings an end to separation, fear, and suffering.


Simplicity of Meditation 2014 - Session 2: The Relative and the Absolute

Monthly Meditation Series Download

The Relative and the Absolute Being Aware of Sensations, Emotions, Thoughts, and World as objects appearing in awareness To being aware of self as a witness of all objective reality To being witnessing and abiding as being To being aware of the subtle I-thought that maintains a sense of separation To relinquishing identification with the I-thought and moving into being awareness To going beyond being awareness into the absolute where there is no self-awareness


Simplicity of Meditation 2014 - Session 3: The Changing and the Changeless

Monthly Meditation Series Download

The Changing and the Changeless Discriminating between what is changing and what is changeless. Experiencing the unitive field of nondual awareness while recognizing and attending to the subtle I-thought that maintains separation. Question: What do we do during meditation when we feel gray and dull? This zip file contains Monthly...