Mudra: Gateways to Self-Understanding (pdf download)

By Richard C. Miller PhD

Mudras (Sanskrit: energetic gestures or seals) are precise ways of holding the hands, fingers, tongue and/or body to represent specific acts of offering, saluting or understanding as well as to produce specific energetic effects in the mind and body. They influence the way we experience our body, breath and energy...


Samkhya Karika (pdf download)

translation by Richard Miller PhD

The Samkhya Karika forms the root philosophy that is the spiritual heart of Yoga as we know and practice it today. Kapila codified Samkhya as an oral tradition around 750 BCE, and Isvara Krsna gave us the written text during the 2nd century ACE. While few have studied Samkhya, its philosophy has made its way into many of the spiritual traditions from Yoga to Buddhism and beyond. Updated version, 2012 The original text contains 60 verses. In the centuries following Isvara Krsna’s writing, Buddhist and Vedantic scholars added thirteen additional verses.


Resting in Stillness (MP3 Download)

An introduction to iRest Yoga Nidra and its practices with Richard Miller

Resting in Stillness : Integrative Restoration – iRest Yoga Nidra, with Richard Miller PhD introduces you to iRest Yoga Nidra and then leads you in two practices of iRest Yoga Nidra; a 35-minute extended relaxation practice and a 20-minute short form. Richard’s soothing voice guides you through the 10-step process...


Enlightened Living (pdf download)

by Swami Venkatesananda (3rd edition pocketbook softcover edition)

Venkatesananda offers us his exquisite, and often nondual, interpretative translation of the Yoga Sutra of Patañjâli, which expounds the means for realizing our true identity as unchanging, unqualified Presence. Paperback book now available on


Yoga Nidra: The iRest Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing

by Richard Miller, PhD

A new edition of this acclaimed guide—updated with the most current, research-supported iRest practices and insights – Within you resides an ever-present self that is always whole and healthy, filled with an abiding sense of inner peace, and completely indestructible. This is your true Essence, and no matter what you’ve been through in the past, it is here, waiting to be recognized, embodied, and remembered.

Integrative Restoration (6 volume MP3 download)

Comprehensive introduction and five-in-depth practice sessions, which introduce you to the complete practice of Integrative Restoration (iRest) Yoga Nidra. Integrative Restoration, or iRest, is a modern adaptation of Yoga Nidra, the ancient form of yogic meditation. iRest helps you break free of self-limiting patterns, emotions and beliefs so that you may live a contented life, free of conflict, anxiety and suffering. In its ultimate form, iRest reveals the secret of enlightenment and introduces you to your True Nature as joyful and radiant Presence.