Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Yoga and Meditation After 50

A 4-Part Workshop with Richard Miller and Larry Payne

“So many have forgotten how to meet, greet, listen, and respond to the messages that the body is constantly sending. When you can acknowledge and welcome the body’s cues, you will be able to respond with appropriate action long before your body becomes sick.” —Richard Miller, PhD It’s natural that...


Reclaiming Restful Sleep with iRest Meditation

with Richard Miller

Sleep is essential to our overall health. It’s as vital as food, water, and air. Sometimes a restorative night’s sleep eludes us, especially during times of stress and worry. Engaging in daytime and nighttime practices can help ease your body and mind so that you’re able to fall asleep, stay...


Freedom from Worry: Effectively Coping with Anxiety and Stress

with Richard Miller

Even during the most troubling or overwhelming situations in your life, you have the capacity to experience an unbreakable inner felt-sense of joy, peace, well-being, and security. Your concerns or worries are messengers containing wisdom that can help you understand the actions that you need to take to feel in...


iRest Meditation for a Balanced Workday

with Richard Miller

This 6-part series (an introduction and five meditations) includes 10-minute long guided meditations that easily integrate into your work day. Choose one to practice whenever you need to tune up or wind down. Doing short practices regularly helps you develop focus, clarity, energy, ease, joy, and resilience in your personal...


Nourishing Gratitude, Joy, and Wellbeing with iRest Meditation

with Richard Miller

Welcome to the wonderful world of being grateful and joyful, sometimes for no reason at all. These five meditations are designed to support you in cultivating gratitude and joy throughout your daily activities. The invitation is to experience moments of gratitude and joy everyday. Done regularly, these become powerful practices...


iRest for Educators and Parents: Nourishing Wellbeing

with Clearlight Gerald

Teachers and parents know, at the end of the day, after giving so much of themselves to others, they’re in need of replenishment and support. As an educator or parent, when we engage with nourishing practices that foster self-inquiry and self-understanding, we cultivate a ground of mindfulness that naturally serves...


Webinar | Growing up on iRest: Integrating Meditative Inquiry into Parenting

with Richard and Jennie Miller

Imagine a life in which iRest Meditation was with you as a guide from your first consciousness, offering mindful presence throughout childhood. While you can’t go back in time, you can surely nurture such mindfulness in the young people in your life. In this webinar, father-daughter duo Richard and Jennie...


iRest 10-Step Protocol Illustrated Poster

PDF Download

Proceeds to Fund iRest Scholarships What is iRest, exactly? Sometimes, words just don’t suffice. That’s why iRest Mentor and Supervisor Sam Loe, who is also trained in visual arts, collaborated with fellow creator Megan Salole to devise this lively illustration. Says Sam, “Visual learners are said to make up 65%...


Webinar | Experiencing Connection in a Disconnected World

with Stephanie Lopez

We need to find creative ways to nourish connection in this time of social distancing, sheltering-in-place, and self-isolation. The most fundamental source of connection is our wholeness of Being; the quiet, background presence that is always within you. As we recognize Being we realize the essence living through everything and...