Webinar | Experiencing Connection in a Disconnected World

with Stephanie Lopez

We need to find creative ways to nourish connection in this time of social distancing, sheltering-in-place, and self-isolation. The most fundamental source of connection is our wholeness of Being; the quiet, background presence that is always within you. As we recognize Being we realize the essence living through everything and...


Webinar | Deepening your Inner Resource: Your Unbreakable Wholeness of Being

With Richard Miller

Join iRest Founder Richard Miller as he experientially explores six inquires that have been handed down through the ancient teachings of contemplative meditation, which help you recognize and directly experience your essential unchanging and ever-present Wholeness and unbreakable Well-Being that underlies true health, healing, and awakening. These simple inquiries enable...


Dialogue on the Intersection Between Pain Science and iRest Yoga Nidra

Webinar with Richard Miller and Stephanie Lopez

“Pain can be changed. We can change pain ourselves, from within. Science is telling us that we do have that power”, says Shelly Prosko. Richard Miller agrees: “We see that pain can change. We see people who’ve had chronic pain for years and we help them find tools that either...


Restoring Wholeness through iRest meditation

Leigh Blashki, Certified iRest teacher and certification supervisor In these recordings you will be invited back to your home-ground of wholeness, an experience of your spacious timelessness and non-separation from all aspects of yourself and all of life. Join Leigh Blashki as he provides you with a progressive approach to...


Touching Freedom: iRest BodySensing®️ Audio Workshop

Streaming MP3

A new way to feel yourself with BodySensing - Live recording of a BodySensing Workshop with Senior iRest® Trainers Anne Douglas, Barbara Eastham and Kirsten Guest. This audio download includes more than 5 hours of content, such as 7 guided BodySensing practices, in movement and stillness and several talks on...


Awakening to Your Essential Nature

Richard Miller, PhD applies his decades of experience and expertise to orient you to the practice of nondual meditation. Richard weaves history, philosophy and instruction with an ancient map of meditation to reveal how you can develop and navigate your own​ ​practice of meditation. Awakening to Your Essential Nature is...


iRest Meditation for Deep Sleep

iRest Meditation for Deep Sleep, MP3 Download Robin Carnes, Certified iRest teacher Robin's soothing, calm voice has guided thousands of restless people --from soldiers to troubled teens to stressed professionals --into peaceful, restful, restorative sleep. She has helped literally thousands of people learn to get to sleep and get back...


iRest in Serenity, Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

iRest in Serenity, Finding Peace in a Chaotic World, MP3 Download Jeanne Dillion, Certified iRest Teacher This CD includes two guided practices: a 20-minute practice for relaxation and a longer 30-minute full iRest Yoga Nidra practice. The practice allows open self-inquiry into the nature of who we truly are and...


iRest, Yoga Nidra for Kids at Bedtime and Quiet Time

iRest Yoga Nidra for Kids at Bedtime and Quiet Time, MP3 Download Jeanne Dillion, Certified iRest Teacher Inspired by Jeanne’s grandchildren and those of her students and friends. These practices are designed to help children fall asleep with ease and to rediscover the peace of their true nature that’s always...


Practices for Better Sleep, MP3 Download

iRest® in Sleep-Yoga Nidra and Bedtime Gentle Yoga Jeanne Dillon, Certified iRest teacher This album includes a gentle yoga practice appropriate for all levels of experience and a guided meditation practice called iRest®Yoga-Nidra. Drift off to the soothing voice of Jeanne Dillion as she guides you in these bedtime practices...