Who is being served?


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Individuals or couples who are:

  • Undergoing fertility treatments.
  • Simply taking time away from assisted reproduction.
  • Trying to get pregnant and are experiencing stress and difficulties with conception.
  • Couples coping with the trauma of miscarriage or the devastation of a loss after birth.

What are the needs that iRest addresses? Stress can inhibit pregnancy and is one of the major symptoms experienced by those who are challenged by fertility. iRest helps you identify the symptoms that include anxiety, fear, depression, marital stress, financial burden, spiritual crisis, self destructive behavior, low self-esteem, feelings of being broken, distancing yourself from your loved one and isolation from friends and family. iRest offers couples the opportunity to enhance fertility by releasing negativity and stress stored in the body, mind, emotions and core beliefs. Ultimately iRest not only reduces stress but also enables individuals and couples to navigate the challenges of conception from a place of greater balance, ease and contentment in life. What makes iRest appropriate and effective for this population?

  • Teaches ‘welcoming’ that leads to greater insight, understanding and empowerment
  • Teaches deep relaxation and stress reduction allowing the body/mind to restore and come into greater balance
  • Provides students with effective tools for healing that together help to focus, feel safe, and in control while suspending attachment to outcome
  • Helps reduce anxiety and fear associated with fertility treatments or subsequent pregnancies and the risk of repeated miscarriage or loss
  • Enables students to process negative emotions and situation’s as they arise which constantly bombard their physical world
  • Leaves students feeling more empowered and hopeful while trying to conceive


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Where is iRest for fertility being administered? Pulling Down the Moon: Integrative Care for Fertility Chicago, IL Washington, DC Maryland Yoga Studios What have iRest for fertility practitioners said about their experience? iRest was new to my yoga practice, but I found that it has an amazing calming effect on me. Fertility treatments are stressful. I had a tendency to just keep counting the days and take medication, but the iRest really opened up my mind and heart. After the meditations, I really feel rejuvenated. It has helped me deal with the process in a healthy, positive way. –Jenny Starting with our intention and ending with the practice of Yoga Nidra. I felt like I had taken a power nap. With trying to manage the stress of getting pregnant in combination with the pain that I feel with Lupus, it was very powerful and helpful. -Iris I left the practice feeling calmer and quieter. My husband and I are trying to conceive again. We interrupted our pregnancy in July 2007 because our son had a genetic deletion which would have made his life severely, severely limited (couldn't talk, breath or eat on his own, couldn't relate to the outside world, and so on). Thank you. -Tara I felt relieved, relaxed and slept very well last night! -Jill,