Restoring Wholeness Through iRest® Meditation by Leigh Blashki

It’s a privilege and delight to share with you a new set of iRest recordings that I hope will deepen your own meditation experience. This set of recordings called “Restoring Wholeness Through iRest Meditation” is suitable for experienced and newer meditators alike and is a special offering to you and the iRest Institute as part of a personal celebration of 50 years of meditation. All proceeds from this recording will go to the iRest Institute to help further its valuable work globally as a not-for-profit organization.

In an easily downloadable MP3 format, Restoring Wholeness Through iRest Meditation can become a useful addition to your meditation e-library, or a gift for someone you care about who may benefit from these practices.

It has been a pleasure and expression of love making these recordings for you. I do hope you will enjoy listening to them as you continue to restore to your innate wholeness through iRest.

With affection, blessings and deep gratitude,

Leigh Blashki

Certified iRest Teacher and iRest Certification Supervisor