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Are you having trouble downloading the files you purchased online from our store?

  1. Check your email spam folder to make sure you got a welcome message from IRI.
  2. Login to your account by clicking the "Login" button in the top right of our webpage.
  3. Click on "My Account".
  4. Then click on the "Files" tab.
  5. You should see the files available for download there, click the title of the one you want.

If you do not see your files, and did not receive an email receipt, it is possible your transaction may have failed to process. Did you complete all the steps and confirm your purchase? If you do not see your files, and you do have a receipt, please contact our office at to request the files be sent to you. Please forward your receipt to us. If you purchased products on Amazon, CDBaby, Vimeo, Sounds True, or Yoga International, please contact their customer service centers for any support needs.

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What do I do with the ZIP or PDF file once I download it?

Most computers open both automatically. But if you are having trouble:


  1. Desktop Computers: All modern operating systems (including: PC, Mac, Linux) can unzip .zip files without downloading any programs to do it. You can usually just right click your zip file and choose the option to Extract All. (Simply double clicking the ZIP is often just enough to take a peek inside - but is not enough to properly extract the files for listening.) You should end up with a folder with your MP3s inside. There are also a number of free programs you can download to do this (7-zip, WinZip, Stuffit Expander, Kecka, etc.).
  2. Android: It's simplest and easiest to both download and unzip these files on a Desktop, but you can do so from a Mobile Device. It just takes a little patience, perseverance, a really good WIFI connection, and a couple of free apps -- like a Download Manager (that will try to restart your download if your WIFI drops a piece) and a Zip Extractor (like AndroZip or WinZip). Once you have the zip file downloaded, navigate to whatever folder your zip is in (usually your Downloads folder), do a long press on the .zip file. You should get a menu that gives you many options. Click on the one that says something like: Extract File Here, Uncompress, Unzip, etc. Then long press again and move the resulting folder to your music library. (You may not have to do this if you music app automatically searches for music files.)
  3. iPhone / iPad: The best method for IOS devices is still to download from a computer with a wired connection, and then move the files from your computer to your Mobile Device. However, if you are very patient, you can do this directly from a mobile device. We have had good luck using Readdles free Documents app to download, unzip, and play these audio files. The best part about their app is that if you lose your WIFI connection momentarily, it will pick up the download right where it left off. (If you don't have a download manager like this, you will have to start the download over form the begining.) The one downside is there isn't a clear way to move the music to your iTunes library. (Although you can use Readdles Documents to move the file somewhere else on your device, when we moved it to our iTunes folder, we still couldn't see them in iTunes.) 


  1. Download and install Acrobat Reader for free to open your PDF.

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How do I get the MP3 into iTunes on a Mac?

  1. Follow the instructions for extracting the ZIP archive above.
  2. Once you have extracted the folder from the archive, you should see the name of the artist, for instance "Richard Miller".
  3. Drag this entire folder into your music folder, wherever that may be on your computer, although often it is in "My Documents" or "Music".
  4. Then drag the folder directly into iTunes program library.
  5. The MP3s were encoded with iTunes, so are completely compatible with iTunes. iTunes should recognize the artist, album and tracks. Note: Within the artist folder is the name of the "album", and within that folder are the names of the individual tracks. This is the correct format for iTunes. Do not remove the MP3 from the folder or attempt to re-arrange or rename the tracks.

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Can I download these files directly to my Mobile Device?

Yes, you can, although we don't recommend you try. Because most Mobile Devices use WIFI to download things, they generally do not work well with large files (and some of the products in our store are very large). This is mostly becuase WIFI can drop out momentarily, and even a split second loss of connection usually means you have to start your download over from the begining. Also, WIFI tends to be slower than wired internet connections (ethernet). For this reason, we strongly recommend you side-step frusteration by downloading these files from a computer with a wired internet connection, unzip them there, then move them to your favorite device. (Of course, frusteration could also be a good opportunity to practice iRest, if you already have a recording.)

With that said, the right app (like a Download Manager that will pick up your download where you left off, so you don't have to start over) may make all this much easier. Please refer to the Zips section for more info.

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Having trouble checking out of the IRI Store?

The checkout button appears on the left sidebar of the website about halfway down, scroll down to look for it and begin the checkout process. We accept Visa and Mastercard only. International orders are accepted - simply select your country from the list. All our orders are processed safely and securely through on an encrypted SSL connection.

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