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iRest is typically taught as a guided meditation. Below, you will find samples of iRest meditations guided by Richard Miller, PhD, creator of iRest. These recordings are designed for both experienced iRest practitioners and newcomers alike.

To try iRest, you don't need to do anything complicated. Just find a comfortable place, either seated or lying down. You can follow the recording with your eyes open or gently closed—whatever feels best for you. Please feel free to try it out and learn to experience a feeling of calm amidst the ever-changing circumstances of life.

Below are a few introductory iRest practices. These are perfect for anyone, even if you’ve never tried iRest or any form of guided meditation before.

irest yoga nidra meditation sleep

iRest For Better Sleep

iRest is a proven effective remedy for sleep issues. We recommend trying the meditations below if you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep.

irest yoga nidra meditation chronic pain

iRest For Peace and Well Being

iRest guided meditations allow you to feel at ease when life gets challenging or overwhelming. Feel free to try the iRest meditations below to tap into a place that is calm, even when life is not.

iRest Trainings, Events and Teachers

We offer a broad range of iRest trainings and events for all experience levels in locations around the globe. Alternatively, you can search for a teacher near you.

Teacher Trainings

Bring the healing benefits of iRest to your students or clients through our teacher trainings.

Workshops and Immersions

Beginning or advanced meditators, deepen your learning or simply enjoy iRest with others.


iRest meditation retreats are available for all levels in beautiful locations across the world.

Online Courses

Experience and learn iRest from the convenience of your own home at your own pace.

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