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iRest Certified Teacher New York, NY From her first experience of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation with Richard Miller, long before there was the training program for teachers, long before there was an Institute and website, and long before there were research studies documenting iRest’s efficacy, Adrienne knew three things: First, that she had finally found a meditation practice that made sense physically, emotionally and spiritually. Second, that what is now known as iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and Body Sensing Yoga would transform the practice of yoga and meditation in this country. Third, that Adrienne would take an active role in introducing this practice to others. Serving on the Council is an affirmation of that first knowing years ago. Always one who believes in the potential of the human heart to heal, Adrienne has found a way to be in the presence of healing on a daily basis. As the principle instructor in research studies in the area of substance abuse at a national residential treatment facility, she knows first hand the relief that iRest practice brings: relief from the pain of multiple gunshot wounds; relief from the debilitating effects of chronic asthma; relief from the deep desire to use chemicals to self medicate in order to feel better. Adrienne’s iRest CD is successfully being used in the Memory Impaired/Alzheimer Program at the Jewish Home & Hospital Lifecare System in NYC. She also instructs weekly yoga classes in the day care program for seniors with various levels of cognitive and physical disabilities. Adrienne holds a masters degree in Exercise Physiology, is a certified professional level yoga instructor and an iRest Certified Teacher. She is an anatomy instructor who has spent 20 years researching and teaching about how physical gender differences affect women practicing yoga. As the founding director of the Dharmic Institute, Adrienne is the creator and director of the nation’s first Yoga Teacher Certification training with a specialty in women’s health and healing. For more than 17 years, Adrienne has maintained a successful private practice as a yoga and meditation instructor in New York City ( where is lives happily with her husband.

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