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CMT, CHT, CYT iRest teacher Yoga Teacher / Therapist / Yogic Bodywork San Francisco Bay Area Skyp sessions available. Jules Alexander offers Hatha Yoga, iRest Yoga Nidra, as well as energetic bodywork to help folks with unwinding symptoms of stress and trauma while nourishing and revealing presence/awareness, as ones essential being, using his extensive training and experience in these fields Jules intention is to help people unfold into there unique and authentic nature as individuals in the context of full and authentic spiritual awakening and maturity process and he helps them create a personal practice to support this Nobel Adventure. He has a private practice in Marin and is available for private healing and inquiry sessions and for teaching. "When I look within wisdom tells me I am Undefinable, when I look outside Love tells me I am everything, - between the to my life flows." -- Nisargadatta Maharaj

Teacher Specialty
At Risk Youth
Chemical Dependency
Chronic Pain