Andrea Skelly

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Andrea enjoys helping people find their own innovative solutions to meet life’s challenges and thrive.

Andrea is an iRest Yoga Nidra Level II trained teacher.

Stress management and self-discovery have become the primary focus of her teaching. By guiding students through the basic aspects of Yoga practice and mediation they discover healthy ways of reducing stress and enhancing well-being. Personal experience with and dissertation work on stress, coping and connections between the mind and disease, have led her to reaffirm the immense value of and need for Yoga and the meditative practice of Yoga Nidra. She teaches Yoga at Village Green Yoga in Issaquah, Washington:

She earned her certification as a Yoga instructor via the Yoga Research and Education Center (YREC) program (>760 hours) under the direction of Georg Feuerstein, PhD, world-renowned expert on the history, philosophical and spiritual tenets of traditional Yoga.

Andrea combines her Yogic path with training in ancient Hawaiian Huna, health coaching and hypnosis as well as her education as a scientist (epidemiologist) to assist people with their journeys. In addition to regular Yoga classes, she offers specialized workshops on a variety of topics as well as individually tailored sessions. She has had a private coaching, counseling and hypnosis practice since 2003 and practices at Red Cedar Wellness Center in Bellevue, Washington:

Dr. Skelly has also published a self-help book, Emotional Stimulus Package: Your Guide to Re-Creating the American Dream, in collaboration with her colleagues from The Lemonade Network.

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Stress reduction, hypnosis, energy work, epidemiology/research