Anne De Lovinfosse

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Anne has a PhD in clinical psychology; she holds a marriage and family license and is a biofeedback practitioner. She is bilingual and practices in both English and French. In her therapy and coaching, she covers a continuum ranging from trauma work, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, stress reduction, self-esteem to peak performance, and Self-realization. She studied Yoga and meditation with T.K.V. Desikachar, Claude Marechal, Richard Miller and Jean Klein. Whether asked to help an individual or a group, Anne relies on the transformational practices of iRest -Yoga Nidra to support a holistic shift towards stronger self-reliance, confidence and the possibility of transcendence. The process leads to the development of deeper authenticity, creativity and inter-relatedness. People gently shift from being unconscious co-creator to Conscious co-creator with the impulse of Life. They become increasingly at-ease with the flow of different internal and external circumstances. Anne is currently exploring the transformative power of the “Feminine” with the qualities of relatedness and intuition, and how it impacts new notions of leadership. She has done considerable research on the healing powers of swimming with wild dolphins; she also facilitated programs on emotional intelligence and mindfulness for children with Britta Butler. Contact Anne de Lovinfosse: (415) 456-5502

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