Anne (or Anna) Williamson

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iRest Teacher

<em>Chapel Hill, NC</em>

About the Teacher:  Anna Williamson

For three decades I was an artist who made art, earned art degrees in America and Italy, and taught art in two colleges in Tennessee and North Carolina.  In the 1990s I began to practice yoga in Chapel Hill, NC.  In the last 10 years I've studied with four of the world's leading yoga teachers in America and Canada.

Yoga has taught me the art of going within and finding the energy that can penetrate outward throughout all the layers of my body and mind.  Yoga is the most intimate, challenging, and exhilarating of all transformative experiences.  I began to teach yoga in 2003 and now find myself teaching a group of people who have begun to open themselves up to the wonder of yoga.  As we unveil ourselves over time, we move into one integrative body that turns us into a living new form.


Certified in 2006 as a Purna Yoga Teacher with over 2000 hours of teacher training. Certified with Mirra and Aadil Palkhivala (
Advanced training in Yoga Nidra iRest Integrative Restoration with Richard Miller (
Certified with the late Esther Myers in 2002 (Toronto, Canada) with over 500 hours of teacher training
Registered with Yoga Alliance, 500 Hour Level since 2003
MFA in Art at UNC Chapel Hill, NC in 1991
MA in Sculpture, Villa Schifanoia (Florence, Italy) in 1970-1971
Teaching Experience

Yoga Johns Yoga Studio since 2003, Laurinburg NC
Assist Aadil Palkhivala in Purna Yoga Teacher Training at Moksha Yoga Studio in Chicago, Illinois 2008, 2009
St. Andrews College Art Department 1977-1990
Shelby State Community College Art Department 1973-1976