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Barbara was initially drawn to yoga nidra (iRest) by a desire for deep relaxation and transformation. She found both with her first experience of iRest. She took classes for a year or so, supplementing with at home practices, and then decided to deepen her understanding and training by studying with Richard Miller and learning to share this extraordinary method with others.

Barbara is also a certified Divya yoga instructor, certified Thai yoga masseuse, Reiki Master, and is qualified to teach Chair yoga and restorative yoga.

Barbara did her Hatha yoga teacher training with Daryl Vansier where she learned Divya yoga. Daryl’s methodology of teaching ascribes to being able to articulate the postures in such a way that you should be able to teach to someone who can’t see you and they’ll still be able to follow the class. Barbara’s students often comment on her precise instructions and clear direction. Barbara studied Chair yoga with Peggy Cappy, Restorative yoga with Michael Bridge-Dickson, Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller and Reiki with Patrick Deegan

Barbara’s goal is to bring a sense of peace to people and to give them the tools to find balance in their body, mind and spirit.

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Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Chair yoga, Reiki