Bettina von Moltke

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I am a certified iRest Teacher in Seiad Valley, Northern CA 96003 (530)949-4148 (w) [email protected]

iRest has been woven into my life since 2002. I am also a clinical psychologist in private practice. I integrate iRest/Yoga Nidra into my therapy work. Dyad work is very effective with many clinical issues my clients are dealing with and is appreciated as a way of being together. I use iRest/Yoga Nidra to navigate my life in all aspects. The teachings are precious to me and I am deeply grateful to have a way to engage with daily life in all that arises and to touch into the heart of mystery. There have been amazing shifts in myself due to iRest /Yoga Nidra and there is a sweet fullness and depth in the moments of living. When difficult internal states arise I have a way to meet and work with them. I like helping people develop these skills.  In my work I offer dyad work to people anywhere via zoom or any technology that can aid.

I have some specialized skills that bring in the capacity to map the people in our lives who have impacted and thereby conditioned us. The ability to see how the impact/conditioning both aids and limits us has proven to be invaluable in getting unstuck and moving forward. Real change comes when we grow beyond our conditioning and heal. 

I am planning an extended retreat to deepen into living the teachings and becoming more established in presence. 

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Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Couple's work