Brock Schmid

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I have had a strong belief ever since my teenage years that all the answers lie within us if we can go deep enough self, into the human psyche. For the last five years I have worked at GilChrist, a contemplative retreat center, in Three Rivers, MI. Through my experience there I have experienced and seen firsthand the shifts of being that can occur if one is given enough space to fully greet themselves. In my undergrad work I focused on social psychology and social evolution. This was also with an underlying belief that self evolution or self awareness is an undeniable necessity for social evolution and awareness. Through my studies of consciousness I have since learned the importance of the process of deconstructing the sense of self or “i-ness” and allow the psyche to experience moments of separation from the “i-ness” to increase Awarness. I have dappled in several forms of transpersonal psychology or transcendental meditations, including and Holotropic breath work and a fair amount of experience in Shamanic Journeying. I have found the practice of Integrative Restoration (iRest)the most comprehensive process for inviting a person into themselves to heal. It allows one to become increasingly aware of themselves, or even experience a cosmic awareness, all the while staying grounded or the ability to easily come back to a place of safety. The process and teaching of iRest invites the body into a state of deep inquiry, allowing one to return to their true nature. This true nature returns me to the tenant I have had through my life, which is that the answers live in us, through which self healing and social healing can emerge.

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