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I am a Psychotherapist, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist and Level One iRest Yoga Nidra Instructor offering private sessions, weekly classes, trainings, workshops and yoga retreats in The San Francisco Bay Area and Sayulita, Mexico.

In the San Francisco Bay Area I successfully offered iRest sessions and series for individual clients and groups dealing with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, PTSD and recovery from surgery and injury.

Recently, in Sayulita, Mexico, my practice with iRest has expanded to include two-hour workshops for the community and yoga retreat groups, as well as private sessions to ignite and renew creativity and joy! These workshops include offering organic, sugar and milk free, vegan chocolates sweetened with maguey cactus and flavored with mint, cardamom, coconut or chile! Several yoga retreat groups have been delighted with these creative iRest sessions and private clients report enhanced well-being and equanimity.

The practice of iRest Yoga Nidra has changed my life and I am dedicated to integrating it into all of my work as a Yoga Therapist and Psychotherapist --- and into the most challenging practice of all, living a joyful, well-balanced and aware life.

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Integrative Yoga Therapy and Yoga Nidra Classes, Workshops and Retreats in Sayulita, Mexico