Christie Vallance

Certified iRest Yoga Nidra Instructor, Masters in Education, Registered Yoga Instructor,

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In her company, Inspiring Wellbeing Christie is a wellness consultant. She uses her skills as an intuitive life coach, energy practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher to serve her clients. She conducts private and group sessions to empower people find their own inner wholeness. She invites clients to reevaluate where they would like to go in their lives and shares mind/body techniques to help empower this transformation. Through this guided process, she assists her participants to experience a clarity, peace of mind and self-value.

Christie is a certified iRest Yoga Nidra Practitioner and teaches combat veterans at the Sacramento Veteran's Center at 1111 Howe Avenue. Christie founded the Expansive Heart Meditation Program which has provided a safe space for people to come together to heal and find that inner wholeness. She is a registered Yoga instructor and teaches yoga and meditation at Fusion Yoga Studio in Sacramento. She is a
Grace Blessing Light Worker Practitioner. She provides a number of healing modalities to enhance her sessions.

Christie's work has helped individuals successfully address a wide-range of issues, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress (PTS), inter-personal conflict, sleep problems, grief, anger, chronic pain, physical illness and depression. Christie enjoys helping others find their own path to healing and wholeness.

Christie is an expert educator. She spent many years teaching special needs students in public schools. She has a Master's Degree from Georgia State University.

Teacher Specialty
Active Duty Military
Chronic Pain
Chemical Dependency
Additional Teacher Specialty
Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Abuse, Trauma and Grief, PTS, Empowerment