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In 1985, Corinne Peterson began practicing yoga for relief from back pain, anger and depression. Her passion for it flowered, and naturally evolved into sharing it with others. She received her first yoga instructor certification through the Temple of Kriya Yoga (1995) and a subsequent certification as a teacher and yoga therapist with Gary Kraftsow through the American Viniyoga Institute (2006). While she always loved yoga movement and breathing, she found it hard to sustain a regular meditation practice. The first time she experienced yoga nidra meditation, she fell in love with it. After some exploration, she learned of iRest® yoga nidra and felt she had come home. Finally she found a meditation practice she could practice consistently. She loves the process of deep relaxation, inquiry and felt presence. She is especially grateful for the tools it brings for living more peacefully with everyday life. Corinne has completed Level III of the training through the Integrative Restoration Institute, and is a Certified iRest teacher. She has also received specialty yoga training for specific challenges, including: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga through the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute (founded by Bessel van der Kolk) and Yoga of the Heart - Cardiac and Cancer Certification Training (with Nischala Joy Devi). In addition, she has been a nationally certified massage therapist since 1997 and holds a Masters in Public Health in the area of health education and promotion. Corinne currently practices in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois. She specializes in working with people who are going through life challenges and transitions, including; trauma, loss, cancer, pregnancy, mid-life, seniors and end-of-life. She offers group classes and private instruction.

Teacher Specialty
Chronic Pain
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Eating Disorders