Deborah Carter

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Deborah currently teaches yoga to a small community in Maun, which is a town in Botswana, Africa. She attained her yoga teacher certification in 2001 and has been teaching ever since. Over the years her teaching has gravitated towards a more therapeutic style, which she incorporates into her regular yoga classes. She was introduced to Richard Miller and iRest by a mutual friend and the concept resonated strongly with her, so much so, that she attended Richard's Level 1 iRest teacher training in Austin, Texas in Oct 2012. Deborah is now bringing iRest to a variety of different people in Botswana from those living with HIV and street children, to others in the corporate world who need tools to help them cope with their stressful lives. She is grateful to Richard and all the friends in the yoga community for their help in bringing iRest to her life so that she may in turn share it with others.

She also runs a small travel company selling safari's in Botswana. To find out more take a look at her website Should you wish to contact her please email her on

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