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​My passion and vision for Giving Tree is to create a supportive and accessible space for others to learn and explore self-care and awareness practices. Offering individualized sensory and lifestyle therapies such as Ayurveda Health Counseling, Aromatic Botanicals, Restorative Yoga, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and Massage Therapy.

Giving Tree Essentials began as a love for nature and the healing power of plants. My curiosity as to how and why plants healed physical, mental, and emotional dis-comfort and dis-ease led me to a deep dive into the pool of self-inquiry. I began to unravel my ego, got heart centered and started to focus on the larger truth- we are all connected. I have experienced first-hand generational suffering, I knew that there had to be a another way to live. As one of my most respected teacher always says, "I could choose peace instead of this." I sought out the choices I needed to have peace. During my studies I realized that we as a society are never taught the importance of self-care and self-awareness. Many of us are not living our True Nature, our hearts desire, rather a life that is dictated by demands we accept from self, family, friends, work and society.

Deeply knowing and embodying our truth is a life time practice, we are always changing, growing, and living through a variety of life experiences. The mind, body, spirit connection is the key to our longevity, health and inner peace. I devote myself to connecting to my true nature, living joyfully and being a guide and teacher to those who are on their path to enlightened health and wellness.

From one seeker to another…..I welcome you to begin your journey....

​Denie Shae

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