Doug Hayward

Enjoys operating a Studio called Hayward's Yoga in State College and instructs fitness classes at Pennsylvania State University in Happy Valley aka State College .
Having learned the Five Tibetans over the years. I bacame aware of some minor changes to this ancient practice that brought it to more people and enriched the fullness of the practice, so I wrote it all down in a new book called NANO Yoga. It is is worth changing your clothes for.
It combines four elements to bring about an intense whole person
workout in about 15 minutes.
Results include, a cleansing of the inside of the body,
steadiness of emotions, improved balance and a
better sense of well being.
NANO Yoga is a tri-binding life experience for whole person clarity.
By reducing angst the mind becomes clear to pray, the prayer
enters the cells thru focused breathing and nerve channels that are
opened during asana. The spirit resides in all the cells and is awakened
thru the synergy of the four elements of NANO Yoga.
Just like an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
This routine done 5 times a week will cleanse the internal organs
and oxygenate the entire body, thus increasing your level of fitness.
The key to NANO Yoga is its small time requirement
and its efficiency in producing such great levels of balance, flexibility,
toning, weight control and mental focus. Generally,
your blood pressure will stabilize at a good level
and your outlook on life will improve.
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