Dr. Jill C. Peterson

Psy.D., RYT

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Jill is an iRest® Senior Trainer who lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. She specializes in teaching people how to develop a relationship with their Self—their physical body, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and, most importantly, their own inner guidance, so as to access a unique life of alignment, joy, ease, and flow.

As a clinical psychologist, she utilizes the teachings of iRest in her therapeutic work with individual adults, and has also had the pleasure of teaching iRest classes and workshops to active duty military and veterans, yoga students and teachers, and other mental health practitioners.

Personally, as a recovering perfectionist, over-achiever, and people-pleasing-over-functioner, (yes, it was exhausting as it reads now!), iRest has allowed her to experience more self-compassion and has opened the doorway to the abundance of joy that has always existed within her. That same joy exists in ALL of us. In her teaching, Jill focuses on bringing forth that which often prevents access to this inner state of being, in order to allow for a more expansive and full experience of Being Human. For Jill, Joy shows up in abundance while snowboarding, being in the ocean, seeing a French Bulldog walk down the street, eating REALLY good cupcakes, and making fun of the absurdity of being human—we take it so seriously! It’s serious enough as it is, isn’t it? 

Please contact her if you have an interest in private sessions or workshops. 

Additionally, you can find her on Instagram @justjilladvising for daily motivations, inspirations and inquiries (link below).  If you want more content about expanding your psychological and spiritual growth, Jill sends out a monthly newsletter on the 1st of every month.  You can find a link to sign up on her Instagram Bio or feel free to contact her directly on this page with your request to be added to the mailing list.  

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Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Satisfaction, Successful Life Transitions and Personal/Spiritual Growth