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Eunice is an experienced and certified yoga teacher and therapist dedicated to the study, practise and sharing of yoga. She has been formally practising yoga for over a decade, and teaching since 2004. She has completed specialised training to teach Yoga Therapy for Women's Health, Pregnancy and Children. She has worked teaching yoga in a voluntary capacity to women in hospice in India, and women and children infected and affected by HIV in Rwanda. Eunice’s approach to teaching integrates the creativity of the different styles of yoga she has explored, the inspiration she gains from the day to day and her study of various philosophical viewpoints from Mahayana Buddhism to the Yoga Sutras. Eunice’s classes are informed by the students’ needs and can incorporate vigorous flows to more restorative poses. Her intention is to share the many aspects of yoga beyond asana (postures), and to provide a space that allows students to invite and welcome all that arises during their practise in order to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness. Eunice’s teaching, and her own practise, is guided by the light and grace of the many teachers and mentors that have inspired her; all to whom she is eternally grateful. Eunice is a Registered Yoga Teacher accredited with the British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Alliance. Visit Eunice's website for more information:

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