Gabrielle Boswell

iRest certified teacher

Gabrielle Boswell has been teaching yoga since 2002 and is co-owner of Bhava Yoga & Dance Centre in Warrandyte, Australia. She is passionate about sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with others. Gabrielle completed a Graduate certificate in Yoga therapy in 2012 and is working through iRest certification. "I have been teaching Yoga Nidra in a group environment for more than 17 years. It is an integral part of my yoga classes, providing a wonderful opportunity for deep relaxation, connection and transformation". I have been running a 6 week iRest short course at my studio in Warrandyte for 5 years and offer a 6 week iRest online course which can be completed at any time". Gabrielle has produced a guided relaxation and meditation CD, "Where blue meets blue". Testimonials “Hi Gabrielle, I bought your CD on the weekend and began listening last night….Wow, just beautiful! You have such a gift – you are an amazing teacher and an inspiration to me” .. Karen Buckland “I just experienced your pyramid meditation! Gabrielle, I just had the most profound experience, a new one for me and I wanted to share with you. My whole body began humming, like I had been plugged into an electrical socket. I felt in my body but out of it at the same time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have taught (and continue to teach) me. I am so excited for what the future shall bring. Yoga is truly changing my life” .. Tina Gates THANK YOU for your beautiful CD. It has taken me a while to email you about it because I haven’t been able to say with any certainty until yesterday because I kept falling asleep. However today and yesterday I listened to the track ‘where blue meets blue’ and it is absolutely gorgeous. The way you link the breath to the waves is so simple and powerful. Simply spoken, beautiful timing and gorgeous, simple music. It is now my favourite relaxation track. Thank you.. Gina Macauley ” I just want to let you know what a lovely effect your cd has had. The cd itself is beautiful but more than that, hearing your voice made me realise how much I miss your yoga classes…a lot !!! As soon as I put that cd on I go to that place of deep relaxation. I love it.” …. Melissa

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