Gabrielle Duebendorfer

Licensed Naturopathic Physician, certified iRest Teacher

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I have practiced as a licensed naturopathic physician for 25 years, incorporating a variety of inquiry methods (EFT, PET, hypnosis, dialogue inquiry) into my one-on-one work with patients. iRest has allowed me to pull all the puzzle pieces together into a comprehensive whole to creatively and intuitively enable me to use physical signs and symptoms of chronic disease as doorways into healing. In my experience most chronic disease as well as anxiety and depression have their root in a basic feeling of disconnection. It has been my commitment and joy to assist my patients in discovering how their symptoms have been trying to catch their attention. Basic naturopathic support and iRest inquiry allow for profound healing to take place both on the mental/emotional as well as the physical level, as both approaches encourage one to meet, greet and welcome all aspects of oneself. As they all point towards ones inherent wholeness and perfection, a state of well-being and being at ease regardless of ones health status is being fostered. I complement this work with extensive nutritional, hormonal, and lifestyle counseling to make changes long lasting. As a fully certified iRest instructor and licensed naturopathic physician, I am available for long-distance Zoom and local sessions. I also write articles and offer seminars and ongoing iRest courses (local and via zoom) that focus on fostering resilience in the face of challenging chronic health conditions. I am currently offering naturopathic cancer care and assistance with post traumatic growth in the face of serious illness. Both iRest and naturopathic medicine continues to amaze me in their comprehensiveness and deep experiential rootedness in ancient wisdom. It is my utmost privilege and joy to join others in their journey to deeply felt well-being regardless of diagnosis.

Teacher Specialty
Chemical Dependency
Chronic Pain
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Chronic Illness, anxiety, depression, cancer