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Level II iRest Instructor, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Writing Instructor

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iRest Teacher Since 2007 Jacksonville, Oregon I have spent over 20 years exploring consciousness. In my search for balance in the face of adversity, I tried all kinds of things until I found the practices that, for me, are THE most effective ways to transform what defeats you, into something that no longer speaks to you, or rules you at all. This, I think, is true freedom, based on free will and choice. iRest is a form of meditation that supersedes other, more conventional ways of healing. It allows everything to fall into place minus the misery...It opens the heart while you are busy doing other things. I have been working with athletes, seniors and injured persons to improve how they function in private practice since 1994. I began as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with over 1460 hours of training. The unfolding of the relationship between the embodied self and consciousness led me to complete a four-year training in the FELDENKRAIS Method and I am a member of the North American FELDENKRAIS Guild. I grew up in the German part of Switzerland, where I moved with my mother, back to her homeland, when I was nine. She had been in a coma for a year. I got used to the idea that a person might die any day, because the doctors did not know if she would live. Yet, she did. She lived for another decade. Meanwhile, I began to think there might be more to living than meets the eye. Hence, my interest in awareness, in mystery and in non-verbal forms of consciousness. I am an athlete, an avid rider. I have been working with horses since 1994, initially for musculoskeletal issues. After working with chronic pain, I began to realize it ALWAYS has its roots in emotions and that if we work with the subtle moments of initiation, before it manifests as a physical ailment, it is much more effective. I began investigating how iRest can help people learn to transcend fear, to create safe boundaries and step into their own power with assertiveness and confidence. I am a survivor of domestic violence, I grew up with alcoholism and addiction. I have lost my grown daughter to this same disease, but "still, I rise." I am a level II iRest instructor currently teaching iRest, as well as another equally astonishing method for finding equilibrium in any circumstance. I also teach FELDENKRAIS AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT, which provides an embodied path for diminishing excessive hypervigilence, and regaining a positive relationship with the physical body after the disconnect of any kind of pain. When I lived in California, I taught iRest within the Sierra College Continuing Education Program for several years, and at Wild Mt. Yoga Center in Nevada City for almost nine years. For several years, I also worked with women in transition, and with veterans, teaching them P.T.S.D. coping skills based in iRest. -gabrielle To find out more about Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, please visit To find resources for horses, please visit For copies of the book, "The Write to Heal Abuse Anthology," please visit For the traumatized, please visit



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