Gigi Geraghty

I'm a Physician Assistant in Radiation Oncology. I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 1999. I found that it helped me with autoimmune issues (including lupus and Grave's disease) that I was dealing with by creating less anxiety and more relaxation. The biggest benefit was that I was able to get off all my medications and I felt much healthier. I started teaching because I wanted to share these benefits with others. I see so much stress and anxiety in my patients with their diagnoses, and it causes them to have insomnia, anger, depression, fear, etc. They also have a lot of pain. I was introduced to iRest in 2011 and found even more benefit for myself and my patients. I currently teach yoga and iRest yoga nidra classes at Explore Yoga studio in Troy, MI and continue to work with patients in the cancer center. I also have training with Warriors at Ease and have taught iRest sessions to veterans with PTSD at the VA hospital in Detroit.

Teacher Specialty
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chronic illness, cancer