Harriet Nichols

Level 1 iRest Teacher

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Hattie is a level 1 iRest teacher. Yoga Nidra has been an important part of Hattie's life since she first attended a class 3 years ago. She has found Yoga Nidra to be transformational to her wellbeing. 

Hattie is training as a counsellor and is passionate about mental wellbeing - she believes that iRest is a welcoming, down to earth and contemporary practice that improves mental wellbeing- particularly at times when life can be hard. Hattie believes in the importance of iRest to help relieve stress and anxiety and wants to inspire people to take more time out of their busy lives to invest in themselves and their mental health. 

Hattie is also training as an Imagine Rest teacher- a practice combining yoga nidra and simple restorative yoga poses. 


Hattie teaches in Uckfield and Friars Gate in East Sussex. Hattie will be offering outdoor yoga nidra classes in the new year.

You can contact Hattie on Instagram @forest_nidra and on Facebook - Forest Nidra.