Heather Brinkmeyer

I specialize in helping people move better, feel more ease and experience less pain. In order to move better, we must feel where we don't move well. In order to feel more ease, we have to feel the dis-ease. In order to experience less pain, we have to acknowledge that there is indeed pain. I meet clients right here, right now. I am continually amazed by the power of meeting ourselves and others as perfect, in this moment. iRest is brilliant, in that there is no agenda. We are not trying to fix or change anything. Instead we are given tools that allow us to be with all of life's experiences "just as they are". At times life experience or memories of may feel too overwhelming. iRest®, provides us with an inner resource that supports us, in being able to choose another sensation or to layer in experience so that we are able to fill, safe, secure, calm and at ease. The most beautiful part is that by acknowledging what is, our experience often does shift and transform.

Teacher Specialty