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  • iRest Meditation Via Zoom: Offered free Thursdays 1 pm CT & Sundays 10 am CT.
  • iRest® Meditation For Restful Sleep (via Zoom)- Oct, 2021 - 6 weeks - Tuesdays 9 pm
    For more information call Harper at 847-927-6300 or visit: http://www.harmoniouspathways.com/courses
    Through Harper College, Palatine, IL


Training * Certified Integrative Restoration, iRest Yoga Nidra Instructor (2013) * Graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (2000).

Teaching Since 1997 I have been on the adjunct faculty at Harper College in Palatine, IL, teaching personal growth, stress management and resiliency training courses.

Writing I write the “Living in Sync” column for Yoga Chicago - since 2001. http://yogachicago.com/author/jacqui-neurauter I also publish a monthly email newsletter/blog at: HarmoniousPathways.com . I am very passionate about helping individuals to lead healthy and fulfilling lives through my writing, coaching and teaching.

iRest Applications iRest has brought a holistic approach to my coaching and teaching practice. Here are some of the areas where I have successfully incorporated this simple and profound practice:

  • iRest group courses and private sessions
  • BodyMind Therapy/Coaching with iRest dyad process
  • iRest programs for military veterans and spouses, and in 2011 I co-founded a not-for-profit corporation, Veterans Restorative Project facilitating iRest programs for veterans through local VA Hospitals and vet centers since 2009.

What clients are saying: “Jacqui helped me to let go of issues of loss in just a few sessions. I feel great and very happy as a result. Her insight is very useful, practical and applicable to real life. I highly recommend her.” –Monica “Have experienced many spiritual and meditative processes throughout the years. This one really resonates with me – a profound type of relaxation that works.” – Dianne "With Jacqui's gentle guidance in the iRest technique, I was able to work with feelings and sensations to ask questions of my own body. I gained vital information about who I really am and what I need to move forward. Jacqui is a gifted facilitator and our sessions were immensely invigorating. – Lara

Teacher Specialty
Chronic Pain