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iRest Courses: Chicago/Northeastern Illinois


iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation
Healthy Living Counseling Center
Palatine, IL
8-week course starts January 23, 2019
Call Jacqui at 847-359-6391

Resilience to Stress with iRest Meditation
Fall & Spring - 6 weeks - Mondays 6:30 pm
Harper College, Palatine
For more information call 847-927-6300
or visit: http://www.harmoniouspathways.com/courses

FREE to qualified military vets/families/partners.

Rockford Vet Center
Wednesdays at 4pm.

DuPage Vet Center, Aurora, IL
Wednesdays at 1 pm

Lovell HFCC - North Chicago, IL
Thursdays at 11 am.

For information call Jacqui at 847-359-6391
Or Visit http://www.VeteransRestorativeProject.Org


* Certified Integrative Restoration,iRest Yoga Nidra Instructor (2013)
* Graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (2000).

Since 1997 I have been on the adjunct faculty at Harper College in Palatine, IL, teaching personal growth, stress management and resiliency training courses.

I write the “Living in Sync” column for Yoga Chicago - since 2001. http://yogachicago.com/author/jacqui-neurauter

I also publish a monthly email newsletter/blog at: HarmoniousPathways.com . I am very passionate about helping individuals to lead healthy and fulfilling lives through my writing, coaching and teaching.

iRest Applications
iRest has brought a holistic approach to my coaching and teaching practice. Here are some of the areas where I have successfully incorporated this simple and profound practice:

* iRest group courses
* Customized iRest sessions and recordings for private clients
* BodyMind Therapy/Coaching with iRest dyad process
* iRest programs for military veterans and spouses

Mary Steinberg and Gemma Adams, and I formed a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, calledVeterans Restorative Project. We have been facilitating FREE iRest programs with veterans through local VA Hospitals and vet centers since 2009. We continue to seek opportunities and supportive grants to expand these programs to veterans and their families in Northeastern Illinois.

What clients are saying:

“Jacqui helped me to let go of issues of loss in just a few sessions. I feel great and very happy as a result. Her insight is very useful, practical and applicable to real life. I highly recommend her.” –Monica

“Have experienced many spiritual and meditative processes throughout the years. This one really resonates with me – a profound type of relaxation that works.” – Dianne

"With Jacqui's gentle guidance in the iRest technique, I was able to work with feelings and sensations to ask questions of my own body. I gained vital information about who I really am and what I need to move forward. Jacqui is a gifted facilitator and our sessions were immensely invigorating. – Lara

Teacher Specialty
Chronic Pain