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Jennifer has been teaching Restorative Yoga since 2009 and has been practicing yoga since 2007. Jennifer was inspired by Judith Hansen Lasater and has also studied with Shannon Paige and Richard Miller. Jennifer completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and then furthered her studies in Bhava Vinyasa. Ultimitely finding her passion in practicing and teaching Anjali Restorative Yoga. Jennifers classes are woven with emphasis on heart centered self-inquiry and deep relaxation. Each practice weather it be in a class or private setting is an invitation to engage, and steep in ones innate source of wellbeing.She infuses her classes with her handcrafted creations, such as essential oil blends,eyepillows and other nourishing props. A Montana native now residing in Northern Colorado, Jennifer loves spending time with her family,hiking,riding horses, scuba diving and creating wellness products. She is an avid student of health and wellbeing. She looks forward to continuing her studies and training in the simple yet profound meditative practice of I-Rest. You can contact her by visiting

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High School
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Relaxation and stress reduction.