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Hello! My name is Jessica Hagy (she/her). I reside on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, where I enjoy walking in cypress forests, kayaking on the Pocomoke River, swimming in the Atlantic ocean, practicing yoga, meditating, paddle boarding, cycling, hiking, camping, reading, writing, guiding meditation and holding space for people during some of their most challenging, vulnerable times. 

My first introduction to iRest was in 2011. I was immediately drawn to the deep rest and support it provided in my process of dis-identifying with beliefs that no longer served me and reconnecting with my inner knowing and peace. Taking Level 1 training with Richard, at Kripalu in 2012, was a profound experience of connecting with the energy of Life Itself and other people who were of like mind and heart. This set me on a path of offering community classes and integrating iRest into therapy with people of all backgrounds and experiences with stress and trauma. In 2020, I welcomed the opportunity to take Level 2 online and started the certification process immediately afterwards. Certification was a beautifully guided and individualized process of deepening my understanding of the iRest principles and practice. I am most grateful for the access iRest has given me to Pure Being that is untouched by the harsh aspects of the world, to equanimity in times of dis-ease or discomfort, and to experience a depth of connection with people that goes beyond anything I could have previously imagined.

Throughout my personal and professional experiences, I have learned that all of life's challenges are opportunities for cultivating compassion, connection and restoration. We all long for opportunities of genuine connection where we can be seen and heard. I find it deeply rewarding to be with people just as they are and help them to discover a path of freedom from the beliefs, habits and patterns that perpetuate suffering and to realize that they are whole and complete just as they are.

If you would like help connecting with your Essential Nature and finding freedom from mental and emotional suffering, please contact me to set up a free consultation. All services are offered by audio/video call, so we can meet from anywhere on this beautiful planet Earth.

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Chronic Pain
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Spiritual Wellness, Mental Health, Trauma, Restorative Yoga, Reiki