Jordana Carmel

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 Jordana is an Integrative Life and Certified Health Coach, yoga therapist, and licensed massage therapist, who whole-heartedly believes in an integrative approach to creating balanced health and wellness, to thrive!  Integral to her practice is helping her clients and students develop tools and learn how to heal imbalance caused by deeply held stress, and to shift that relationship moving forward.  

She has been facilitating workshops, and public speaking in addition to teaching Hatha Yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra for Holy Cross Community Health programs, in Silver Spring, Maryland since 2001. Jordana loves working with clients to restore balance to their lives through understanding and recalibrating their relationship to stress, nutrition, movement, sleep, and relaxation. She believes in the resilience of the human body, mind and spirit... when are able to create the conditions for the nervous system to calm down and reset itself; healing is possible and will happen to the degree that we allow and accept it. She is profoundly grateful to all of her teachers, including Richard Miller, Ph.D., Robin Carnes, Rachel Green, and many, many others for sharing their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for teaching to inspire others on the path of healing. Please come and check out her classes in Silver Spring, Maryland offered through Holy Cross Community Engagement, and experience for yourself the extraordinary yet subtle healing power of these ancient and powerful teachings. You can find more information on Jordana, at Please feel free to email her directly with any questions

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