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iRest Teacher Level 2 I am currently offering a first free iRest session as a gift to you and myself. I consistently find that my own body/ mind rests in well'-being during the sessions, even during the year and a half when i was challenged with the Epstein Barr virus which was impairing brain functioning or causing me a lot of fatigue. ( *See testimonials below) Everything I offer has come through my own lived experience. My 25 years of body-oriented/ spiritual psychotherapy training also includes EMDR, Gestalt, Diamond Logos, Authentic Movement, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Voice Dialogue, Jungian Sandplay and Psycho-synthesis and Continuum Movement Meditation, Focusing and Sensory Awareness along with Neo Reichian practices. I also have 30 years of incorporating spiritual practice which includes include Buddhism, Vedanta, Shamanic & Sufi traditions, along with Sensory Awareness. I love being able to share these vehicles with you. I am also available for phone consultations. I am happy to provide you with testimonials. iRest provides a truly wholistic container for any of these other modalities to arise as appropriate. I have been a licensed psychotherapist for 18 years. I am offering iRest sessions by phone, skype and in person in San Rafael, Forest Knolls and Mill Valley. I am also willing to offer a free group in your home if you gather 6 friends The container of this 4500 year old tradition of Yoga Nidra (from The Upanishads) invites me to just rest in Love with whomever I am with and with Life itself. So that is my testimony. Here are some others: "Combining her deep compassion and knowledge about many integrative healing modalities, Julia Weaver supports those that cross her   with presence and integrity. Whether you want to express yourself through art making mandalas, or become more resourced by unifying your polarities through iRest, Julia will guide you with clarity and care." ~ Jeannine Walston, President, Healing Focus I have had several iRest sessions with Julia and they have all been wonderful. Each time I have been able to journey to places of self discovery I hadn't been before. She is a skillful practitioner who knows when to assist and when to step back. I highly recommend her iRest sessions for those who have a desire to make change in their lives. ~ Andy Rader LAc, MS When it comes to giving quality attention, Julia is a gem! And I think that’s one of the secrets of her success. I’ve known her for about 15 years, attending many of her delightful and transformative mandala workshops, including hosting one in NYC. My recent iRest sessions with her were equally rich. I was surprised by how rapidly (within minutes) the iRest process, under Julia’s gentle guidance, took me to an unexpectedly deep place. Because we no longer live near each other, my sessions were over the phone. It was easy to make myself comfortable on my bed and use a speaker-phone so I could fully relax. Her soothing and affirming presence made me feel instantly open. Like a mirror (and sometimes using visualizations), she helped me reflect on and feel/acknowledge whatever emotions or states of mind were surfacing. Then I let them pass on by. More importantly, she kept bringing me back to that sense of calm, love, and radiance that is at the core of who we really are. The sessions brought freshness, joy, and new creative energy, plus a great reminder to tap in to my own resources—no matter what’s going on in my life. Swaha Devi - writer and artist/photographer. Dear Julia, One part of my session with you was particularly helpful and can see that it has created a subtle shift in my energy. At one point we got back to a situation I was in as a little girl, around 2 years old. I had been exposed to polio while staying with a cousin and had to be quarantined at the back of my house for 2 weeks. I didn't really understand what all this was about, but found in this session, that I believed that I was basically bad for people and that I would/could hurt them if I got too close. . . and, ultimately because of this, I was bad. I suspect my older brothers verbalized this to me, as well. Feeling like I'm bad, deep inside, has been a life long theme for which I've never really found a satisfactory root. I believe this dynamic in my early childhood is where it came from. You helped me find peace with this when my true being, in the form of an adult self, was able to sit with me in that back bedroom and hold me and laugh at my brothers when they would say I had been bad. In that connection I was/am able to find a peace where nothing is wrong with me, all is well within. Thank you, Julia. Your presence was perfect . . . not too much and not too little. MDM IRest was a powerful and gentle process for me. i felt more integration with my who i am and what i care about. Julia's voice and skills are both soothing and wise that allowed an expansive and clarifying experience for me. Karen Fitzgerald, Psychotherapist What is resting in well being? Well I got to find out for myself. Hands on, no tricks or impositions, I dove into the core of myself to experience well being. With the kind heart and wisdom of Julia, she invited me to find and experience that eternal place that is always there for me no matter what. Yes, really, no matter what! I have an image, I have a sensation, I have an experience that is solely mine and only mine for the keeping and for me to rest there and live there because I now know that it's real. Thank you Julia. You are a God send. Life, God, your gift, expressing magnificently through you to us." Sarah Love Wilds I invite you to discover that you can rest in well-being, body, mind and spirit. For 30 years, I have found that anxiety, depression, PTSD and self-limiting beliefs can relax when we can access our own body -centered resources and self trust. The only way out, is through our felt experience. Try IREST: "iRest is an evidence based ancient transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that releases negative emotions and thought patterns, calms the nervous system, and develops an inner sanctuary of well-being and equanimity that underlies all circumstance you may encounter in your life. " If you would like more sessions with me or can refer me to friends or colleagues my fees are $80-125 or 5 sessions for $350. You are welcome to just come in for periodic tune- ups .The sessions do not need to be for consecutive weeks. May you be safe may you be happy may you be healthy may you live with ease “One does not become enlightened by looking at the light, but by instead making the darkness conscious.” Many blessings, Julia Weaver , LMFT #30156 415-455-5989 www.MandalaWeaver.com http://juliamandala.weebly.com iRest Teacher level 2 Awaken, Embody & Illuminate Our Chakras Mandala Workshops and Online courses Returning to Our Senses- Women Embodying Spirit & Art The Artist's Way Groups

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