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InsideOut Yoga welcomes you irrespective of your body type, fitness level or age. If you long for peace of mind, self-acceptance and a strong flexible body, InsideOut Yoga can help. Fancy outfits and rigid expectations are not required. At InsideOut Yoga you are met precisely where you are. You will be nourished and challenged to achieve the goals YOU set. Our commitment is that you are left with the experience of being seen, heard and valued, freeing you to thrive in your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Kim Trimmer, founder of InsideOut Yoga, Yoga, Meditation Teacher and Counselor, is passionately devoted to your success, on and off of your yoga mat. Kim will stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you meet the challenges yoga presents, while challenging you to progress further than you think you can. Kim's heartfelt commitment is that you are happier, more fulfilled and more at peace due to your experience in her class, workshop, group or individual session.

Kim is the creator of Realize Your Radiance and owner of InsideOut Yoga Studio. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for thirteen years. Previously she worked as a college and elementary school counselor. Her greatest passion is sharing the gifts of yoga and mediation to cope with food and body image issues as well as anxiety and depression. She recorded a CD, "Stop, Breathe, Choose Consciously" to support those struggling with compulsive behaviors or anxiety.

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Women, particularly compulsive eating and body image issues