Marlene Kamo

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Marlene is a Yoga & Meditation teacher, Ayurveda Counselor, and Energy Healing facilitator who is passionate about guiding individuals to connect to their inner wisdom, playfulness, and source of empowerment. She is a devoted student of the three Vedic paths: Yoga (science of the mind), Ayurveda (science of life), and Jyotish (science of light). In her yoga classes, she challenges students to stay committed to their breath, have honest self-inquiries, and be authentic to their practice in honor of their emotional, physical, and mental state of being. She greatly values an integrative approach to healing and meeting each student where they currently are in their unique journey. As someone who values community wellbeing, Marlene is inspired to share the transformative and healing potential that the Vedic teachings have to offer. She has a deep appreciation for her primary teachers: Nishanth Selvalingam and Mas Vidal (and their teachers) who have generously passed along the sacred wisdom of these paths.