Mary Ellen Rose

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MFA ,C-IAYT, ERYT 200, Certified iRest® Instructor
San Antonio, TX
Director of Military Programs
Integrative Restoration Institute

My "Day Job", is in Adveritsing where stress, anxiety, and unrealistic deadlines are the norm. A yoga teacher suggested I practice Yoga Nidra to help manage my life, which I did for awhile....Then I decided to get my Yoga certification. The Yoga School I attended required a research paper. So with my usual energy and zeal I found the practice of Intergrative Restoration, iRest®, Contacted Dr. Richard Miller and found myself in a Level One training 3 weeks later.

For the last 8 years, iRest® has found home in most every aspect of my life. I am happy to have completed Certification and teach iRest®, at a private rehabilitation hospital for Active Duty Service Members, in public workshops, classes, and privately.

San Antonio is a MIlitary rich city and I am fortuate to have led the protocols in a Pilot Study at Brooke Army Medical Center, studying iRest® and Compassion Fatigue. Looking to create more evidentiary proof , we have recently completed a 3 year DOD study on Resilience and Military Couples at SAMMC. Many thanks to the team at Warriors at Ease, for providing their valuable teaching to better prepare me for interfacing with the military.

So how is my life now? I am happy, smile and laugh a lot more.....and feel joy. Life is busy, but now I move thu my day with the understanding, that every thing is just perfect, remember to exhale, and be in the moment.

Mary Ellen Rose

Teacher Specialty
Active Duty Military