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iRest Teacher Victoria, BC, Canada Misha Butot has been a counsellor and educator for 30 years, certified as a yoga instructor in 1999, and works in hospice and palliative care. Her teaching and counselling work is grounded in nondualist practice, and has as its primary goal reconnection with the True Self. In addition to her counselling work, Misha teaches restorative and hatha yoga, as well as yoga nidra, to groups and individuals. Sessions are ideal for students wanting a gentle, meditative and individualized approach to self exploration and healing, and for those interested in the psychology and philosophy as well as the physicality of yoga. Misha has taught extensively in yoga teacher training programs, and within the health system about care provider resilience. Misha was originally trained in Yoga Nidra practice by a Himalayan tradition-influenced teacher (a student of Swami Veda), and began studying with Richard Miller PhD in 1997. She completed Level I iRest training in 2007 and Advanced Level II training in 2009. (photo credit: Neil Hodge)

Teacher Specialty
Chronic Pain
Additional Teacher Specialty
Palliative care