Michele Vinbury

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For full Bio: https://www.yogaonhigh.com/teachers/2018/4/27/michele-vinbury

Michele is not typically a morning person.

She is most at home when surrounded by rocks, moss and trees. In the woods, as on the yoga mat, it just feels easier to breathe.

More than one person has called Michele a starburst. People have described her as "beautiful, hilarious, magic" (and at times, as a pain in the #$$ too!)

It is true that sometimes she takes things too seriously. Mostly though, she is playful and light-hearted. Michele likes to laugh. A lot. And she does laugh - a lot. Other people who like to laugh find themselves laughing with her - a lot. Which makes her heart happy.

Michele has a very active imagination and she’s always been good at asking questions...Currently, she is interested in what the feeling of moonlight might taste like (does lemonade taste like a square feels?) How would one make indoor snow fall at the end of class (think magic snowflakes a la Edward Scissorhands)? What is the perfect soundtrack for the color green (must it include the sound of bullfrogs?) How long will it take for her to be completely fluent in Ohio birdsong? Who do you have to know to be reincarnated as a firefly….? (Rest assured, this is an abridged list of her musings.)

Michele's teaching invites students to explore their inner landscape with curiosity and care.

It is her deepest heart’s calling and most sincere life goal to love people. A lot.

A lot - a lot.

And to let people love her too.

(Michele is ERYT-500, a certified iRest meditation teacher and a certified yoga therapist. She teaches yoga asana, meditation.and pranayama and is one of the owners of Yoga on High. Michele has taught yoga in a number of settings including prison, drug treatment centers, eating disorder recovery programs, schools, hospital trauma centers and programs for prostituted women to name a few...)

Feedback from students:
"Michele’s teaching always arises from her own aliveness. With her the practice is never static and always evolving—because you know, life is never static and always evolving. By inviting all of this energy—both the light and the dark, the silly and the sublime—into the space, she opens up opportunity for her students to sit with the whole range of our humanity. I am deeply grateful for her transparency as well as for her knowledge of a large range of yogic practices."

"Michele introduced me to a beautiful practice [iRest Yoga Nidra] that brought awareness and a level of healing I had not experienced before.  Her kind and gentle spirit certainly contributed to my experience. "

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