Monica Meneghetti

Certified iRest™ Yoga Nidra Instructor

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When I was first introduced to meditation, I hated it. Thirty years later, I teach meditation. How did that happen? Blame it on yoga nidra.

I was doing a form of yoga nidra as a child – I just didn't know it. I believed it was a personal game of my own invention, one that made me feel extremely good. As a teenager, I would use it to settle kids to sleep.

Then I witnessed my mom's death process at 16. It prompted me to ask, "What will I turn to in my final moments?" (I hadn't yet realized I might need some help before I got to the dying part of life, but that's another story!) And so began a quest that started with martial arts, then hatha yoga which led me to Yoga Nidra.

One day, my teacher, Anne Douglas introduced our adult yoga class to iRest. Imagine my surprise when it felt just like my childhood game. Before long, I came to rely on this practice for managing anxiety, nurturing creativity, and maintaining quality relationships.

As a Certified iRest™ Yoga Nidra Teacher, what I share with you is the result of this innate attunement to Yoga Nidra, along with a lifetime of spiritual exploration, plus decades of practice and learning from expert practitioners.

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