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Certified iRest Teacher Nöle, C-IAYT, is a Senior Certified i-Rest Teacher and Trainer.                                                         She divides her time teaching 3 months in Europe and still lives in the USA.

German language website: www.ThePracticeOfWelcoming.de


Seminare & Ausbildungen / Workshops and Level 1 Training in 2021:


Online iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 1 Ausbildung:

Drei aufeinanderfolgende Wochenenden im Oktober 2021 jeweils gegen späten Nachmittag:                                   Online Live Stream on Zoom: Oktober 1, 2, 3 - 8, 9, 10 – 15, 16, 17:



02.-07.November 2021 Einführungskurs: The Practice of Welcoming - iRest®Yoga Nidra Meditation: ZIST Institut, Penzberg EUR 660.- ( Residential Retreat: accommodation and meals have to be added) https://www.zist.de/de/veranstaltung/selbsterfahrung/practice-welcoming…


02.-05. December 2021:  iRest® Immersion- Online: Live Stream: The Sanctuary of Welcoming                                       Oslo Yoga, Oslo, Norway, (Seminarsprache: Englisch)                                                                                                 Anmeldung:  https://www.osloyoga.no/irest


Seminare & Ausbildungen / Workshops and Level 2 Training in 2022:


Willkommen- Heissen als LebenswegMit iRest®Yoga Nidra Unterwegs

4. Januar - 8. Februar 2022 - 6 Dienstag Abende- 19:30 – 21:00 Uhr- Online Zoom Live Stream - der Benediktushof liefert uns den Link noch nach....


Für 2022 haben wir eine Level 2 Ausbildung online – Live Stream on Zoom über drei Wochenenden im März geplant.

A Level 2 Training- Live Stream on Zoom - in German language will be offered on three consecutive weekends in March, 2022: 

März 4, 5, 6 - März 11, 12, 13, - März 18, 19, 20 of 2022

Infos und Anmeldung/  to register please contact:

Inga de Martin : 0178-7348547   inga@kinder-yoga.com    www.kinder-yoga.com


Einführung in die iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation im PureYoga , Ludwigsburg

Wochenendseminar 28. – 30.10.2022
Willkommen-Heißen als Lebensweg: Mit iRest® Yoga Nidra unterwegs

lädt die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer ein, die Grundlagen der von Richard Miller, PhD, entwickelten iRest®Meditation zu erleben. Die Intention ist dabei Anregungen zu geben, wie diese Ansätze ins tägliche Leben übersetzt und integriert werden können, und sie in ihrer therapeutischen Wirksamkeit zu erfahren.

Die iRest® Yoga Nidra Übungspraxis bewirkt einen Perspektivenwechsel, der unsere Beziehung zu den Erlebnissen im täglichen Leben und ihre eingefahrenen Interpretationen und Reaktionen ins Bewusstsein hinein befreit. Vielleicht durchschauen wir alte, ausgediente Verhaltensmuster, selbst wenn sie uns weiterhin in ihrem Bann halten. Wir schauen hindurch und erleben die unendlichen Weite des Seins. Hier ist alles gut aufgehoben und geborgen.

Energieausgleich: Frühbucher bis 28.07.2022, 390 €, regulär 430 €
geplante Zeiten: Fr 17 – 20 Uhr; Sa 10 – 13 + 15 – 18 Uhr; So 9.30 – 13 + 14.30 – 17 Uhr



Weitere Infos oder Buchung von Einzelsessions mit Nöle Giulini:

nolegiulini@gmail.com   www.ThePracticeOfWelcoming.de


Die iRest® Hafenrundfahrten beginnen voraussichtlich  wieder Mitte November 2021 ...                                  (please contact Nöle at nolegiulini@gmail.com for the exact dates and times)

Wir machen uns mit den 10 Stufen der von Richard Miller, PhD, entwickelten iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation vertraut, und experimentieren mit Aspekten der Polyvagalen Theorie und kreativen Erfindungen aus der Bordküche. In diesen stürmischen Zeiten schafft das Miteinander einen sicheren Hafen, in dem unsere Spürerfahrungen vertieft werden können. Unterschiedlichste Wahrnehmungen und Souvenirs, die das Leben für uns bereit hält werden so, wie sie sind, willkommen geheissen.

Aufmerksamkeit schenken ist Berühren.

Diese Übungspraxis bewirkt einen Perspektivenwechsel, der unsere Beziehung zu den Erlebnissen im täglichen Leben und ihren eingefahrenen Interpretationen verändert, und uns Schutz, Geborgenheit und tiefen inneren Frienden offenbart. Kommst Du mit?

Der nächste Ausflug -Hafenrundfahrt #5 - wird bald hier angekündigt. 

iRest Hafenrundfahrten sind 6-wöchige Exkursionen in deutscher Sprache mit Nöle Giulini, CIAYT, Senior iRest® Teacher and Trainer als Live Stream Event mit Zoom (auf Spendenbasis).                                                                             Wir segeln mittwochs um 19:30 MEZ, 10:30am PST USA Westküste.

iRest® Safe Harbor Tours:

Though we often find ourselves “in the same boat” we may have different perceptions of the same view. The practice of iRest® - as designed by Richard Miller, PhD, offers a welcoming environment to unpack and engage the “treasures” that life presents us with - for instance - physical sensations, emotional and mental perceptions, outdated reactions or frozen patterns. As we learn to shift perspective the quality of our relationship with these experiences changes: We discover the enormous stillness and peace that they first conceal and then reveal.

Together we practice ways to navigate what arises with the intention to offer ourselves as sanctuaries to one another.   Offering attention is like touch.

Different aspects of the iRest® practice as they relate to the life circumstances of the participants are offered. We will also experiment with elements of the polyvagal theory and other creations we cook up together in the onboard laboratory.

Are you coming onboard?

The 5th sailing is being planned - stay tuned!


Nöle Giulini is born in Heidelberg, Germany, and is living on the West Coast of the United States for over 37 years.

Nöle, C-IAYT, is certified to teach Yoga by both Erich Schiffmann and Kripalu and has been teaching yoga for 30 years. She is a certified Senior iRest®Yoga Nidra teacher as well as a Senior iRest® trainer who teaches workshops, retreats, and trainings in the USA as well as in Europe. 

Inspired by her life long work as artist, as well as her own practice, Nöle developed a unique style that animates complex ancient teachings in a playful, practical, and deeply life changing way.

It is this gift- to live the coming together of the creative and the spiritual- that is the essence of her teaching. 


Beginning in 2010 she began offering iRest workshops and individual sessions in the Practice of Welcoming from September through November in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland.

In 2011 Nöle translated and narrated Richard Miller's "iRest at Ease" from English into German. This recording as well as Nöle's German language guided iRest recordings are available as a download on the IRI website.


The Sanctuary of Welcoming

What an extraordinary experiment!

We welcome perceptions without trying to fix them or change them. We practice welcoming ourselves – and each other – in our brokenness - in our wholeness. We include and accompany the orphaned aspects back home into the sanctuary of belonging.

Can even unsafety be safe with us?

The Practice of Welcoming and iRest® offer life-skills in form of meditative self-inquiries that shift perspective and create a new track in the way our nervous system fires and wires together. Instead of addressing the Human Condition -and the human conditioning - as a “problem” this practice establishes parallel pathways of synaptic connections in our nervous system. The more we practice walking down that new pathway – “little and often” - the more the old habitual route is overgrown.

Like the arroyo– where energy in the form of water leaves channels in the landscape-  over time traces turn into deep and narrow grooves, with no alternative routes for the energy to travel. This is much like certain reactions and perceptions that have become embedded behavioral patterns in our nervous system. As we become aware of these established grooves in our neurocircuitry we learn to honor and respect them. Neither caught up in nor subjected to the fluidity of states we remain as witness to this aliveness.

We understand this is the organisms attempt to feel safe and secure.

Thankfully this landscape is adaptable and accommodates new energetic currents effortlessly. The contours of what we perceive soften. The all-too-tight definition of ourselves bursts at the seams. We see through the mirage that held us safe and captive at the same time. While separation - individuation - is a necessary developmental stage in growing up and in navigating this organism through life it might also confine us to a limited repertoire of re-actions that keep us separate and delay our experience of freedom.

The invitation is to observe, welcome, and be present with the phenomena that arise in the foreground of Awareness without getting tangled up in them.  As we strengthen our ability to not identify with these perceptions space opens up. A new perspective is revealed when we allow this space to remain unfurnished and free of conceptual clutter. We learn to live in Not-Knowing.

The observer dissolves into observing, then into pure being.


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Specializes in working with depression, addiction, illness, fear/anxiety, and post-traumatic distress.