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Narda Salm M.Bus (Comm), Grad.Dip (Teach), B.A. Psychology Wellness Educator, Author of the Online Course The Down Under Wellness Map. iRest Certified Teacher, Certified Mindfulness Instructor (MBSR,MBCT), Yoga Teacher. For over thirty-five years Narda has pursued interests in hatha yoga, meditation and pursued other careers, including University Registrar and School teacher (12 Years) and raised her daughter. Narda undertook her Hatha Yoga Teaching Training with Swami Muktananda SYTA and since has graduated with her iRest certification from the Institute of Integrative Restoration. She has accumulated over 1000 hours in Yoga Therapy and professional yoga teacher training. She draws upon these skills to facilitate classes, private coaching, personal growth workshops, yoga and wellness.

Narda began studying with Richard Miller in 2012. She is a Yoga Nidra iRest certified® Teacher. As a qualified Queensland Teacher, Narda is Educational Consultant, Specialist experience with implementing Social Emotional Wellbeing techniques with Adults, Teenagers and Children

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Active Duty Military
High School
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Qualified Primary School Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher, iRest Kids (Prek-K) iRest Youth (Elementary), iRest Teens (High School) Adults, Meditation , yoga teacher