Nicole Vykoukal

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When working with clients, I incorporate mind-body techniques such as body awareness, meditation, Yoga-Nidra, iRest and breath.

I am a registered yoga teacher, level 1 iRest teacher and licensed social worker.

I specialize in working with people healing from trauma, loss, domestic violence and other types of abuse. I also help people who are living with grief and anxiety.

I recognize animals as powerful healers and spiritual teachers and integrate companion animals in my work with clients.

I founded Austin Doga: Yoga with your best friend. In doga, I lead you and your dog through yoga asana posters, breath and meditation. The idea is to bond and have fun while in a relaxed, calm state. Amazing connections and healing between you and your canine can result in practicing yoga together.

Services I Provide:

Individual Yoga Nidra and irest sessions

Group and individual doga instruction

Individual and group psychotherapy services
Under the supervision of Heather Davies, LCSW

Teacher Specialty
Chemical Dependency
Additional Teacher Specialty