Nora Mendes

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Professional Background

Registered Nurse with wide experience in hospital and community.
Health promotion and education. Baby massage instructor promoting infant bonding, parenthood education teacher and relaxation for birth.

Counseling Skills

​Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® with Grief Recovery Institute®.
Diploma in counseling skills from Westminster Pastoral Foundation.

Meditation Skills

​​Studied nonduality, meditation and mindfulness with Zen Master
(John Garrie Roshi).
Studied Praying the Body with Rev Sean Cathie.
iRest® Yoga Nidra facilitator and teacher in training level 2
(iRest mind body healing practice and guided meditation).

Healing Skills

Graduate of A Society of Souls School of Healing and Awakening.
Studied Holistic Nondual Healing and advanced healings and
postgraduate work with Jinen Brenda Carter Blessings.
Included nondual moving meditation (IM2) and nondual conflict resolution process (Magi) .
Yoga of Sound (sacred mantra and meditation) Yogic Mystery School with Russill Paul pilgrimage to India.
Colorpoint practitioner using meditation and focusing, colorlight and crystal healing.

Member of Healing Touch Professional Association®​ (HTPA).

I practice iRest Yoga Nidra and other nondual practices and I find profound transformative healing and personal growth which sustains me in my personal life's journey allowing me to be with reality more fully every day.

Nora Mendes RN BSc Phn

Teacher Specialty
Chronic Pain
Chemical Dependency
Additional Teacher Specialty
Grief and loss