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it all began at moksha yoga, chicago, late summer, 2003. my daughter and i attended a yoga lesson there, she being a graduate student of daren’s, the director/owner, and i a visiting attendee. a light green covered cassette tape item intrigued me enough to pull it down from the shelf to find out that the author was, lo and behold, richard miller. THE richard miller.

i brought the cassettes back home to rome, only to position them on my bookshelf where they sat for three years. every once in a while, i would eye the natural-colored cover and wonder about the contents. but, there they stayed.

then, one evening, fall, 2006, i decided to open the package, insert the cassette into the player (do you realize how antiquated this is?) and listen. and there it was – richard’s voice.

you know when something is important and you know you have to have the right time to really appreciate it so you wait for that moment? that’s how this was. then, the time was right, i was ready, and here the journey begins.

as a graduate student of richard’s may 2008 irest level one program, i happily offer the practice of irest to anyone living, visiting, or contemplating coming to rome. sessions conducted in english or italian, benefits reaped in the universal language of peace.