Paul Collins

Certified iRest teacher and Supervisor

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Paul is an IYN Registered Yoga Elder, certified iRest meditation teacher, mentor and Supervisor. He first came to iRest in 2010 and specialises in delivering the practice to people in recovery from addiction and within prisons. He also integrates the iRest body sensing protocol into his practice, classes & workshops. He runs regular 8 week iRest courses online and body sensing Yoga and breath workshops nr High Wycombe Bucks. as well as shadow meditation workshops where he weaves in the practice of family constellation work and the law of opposites from the non-dual teachings. He offers 1-1 private sessions and teaches the practice in prison and with military veterans suffering from PTSD. He has set up Thrive Inside to deliver iRest courses in prisons and working with addiction. He has recently written a simple workbook and handbook for this client group available through Thrive Inside or for more information on his private work

Teacher Specialty
Chemical Dependency
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Prison, addiction