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M.S. Psychology, LMFT, Certified Integrative Yoga Teacher, iRest teacher

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iRest Teacher
Petaluma, CA

During these most challenging times, I offer Free iRest/Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness sessions on Zoom Thursdays from 4-5pm. Please email me at helpmerhondanow@sbcglobal.net for link and more information. You can also reach me at 707-763-4679.

ALSO, Individualized sessions are available in my online private practice office through doxy.me. I counsel individuals and guide classes to folks all over the globe. For additional information, please go to http://rhondagerhard.com.

iRest Yoga Nidra provides a wonderful way to invite and examine physical, emotional and mental phenomena mindfully, heighten and enliven our perceptions without becoming attached, and meet our undivided true nature.

I have been a psychotherapist for many years, and my work with others is an interactive process that involves both healing and exploration. Having studied directly with Richard Miller since 2007, and completing the Advanced Level trainings, I have integrated this practice of iRest Yoga Nidra into the wholeness of my being. and I am grateful that I can share it with others.

In 2007 I had my first opportunity to bring the iRest practice to the homeless at the Mary Isaak Center in Petaluma, CA. I saw many folks benefit from this practice, and I was equally blessed. After completing this work at COTS, I began offering iRest in my private practice as well as in the Certified Integrative Yoga Teacher Training Programs with IYT teacher Jean Grant Sutton. I have presented to groups at Sonoma State University, Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa, and various yoga retreats. It is an honor to see people’s lives change with this practice.
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Rhonda Gerhard,
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist,
Certified Yoga Teacher
Phone: 707-763-4679

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Chronic Pain
High School
Additional Teacher Specialty
MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), Grief, Life transitions