Rita Y Marquez-Lohr

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I ‘m Rita, a Yoga Teacher & USAF retiree.  I have YogaFit certification to teach Yoga.  200-Hour, Warriors 140 for Trauma Sensitive Teachers.  I went for the Warriors series because I live and work in a military community.  When I found out iRest is used for treatment of veterans with PTSD, I started doing iRest Level 1.  I currently teach yoga to trauma patients at a US military hospital. My heart felt desire it to help veterans with trauma and iRest is a key skill for this.  I am nearly finished with the Level 1 course.  My intention is to find more opportunities to work with veterans.  Perhaps the hospital that I currently work with can expand to offer iRest or I can find it at other places.  I find teaching veterans to find peace in their hearts as a way to extend compassion.  I think the world needs more compassion.  

Teacher Specialty
Active Duty Military
Chemical Dependency
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YogaFit 200-Hour Yoga Instructor, Warriors 140 for trauma sensitive teachers